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About me

About me

liran notik with televisions on background

Liran Notik

Hi! I'm Liran and I'm a TV host, presenter & content creator.

I create video content, TV segments and being a correspondent for lifestyle magazines and news channels. I do it with passion and love.

My Specialties are pop culture, musicals & Live shows, concerts, red carpets & press events, community events, holidays & tourism, Lgbtq+ and more.


TV Hosting, a profession I happened to fall in love with from a very young age, in fact since I can remember myself. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in that field while constantly learning.

It's my privilege to work with the most known TV studios, interview, present and host events, honorable conferences and stand side by side with the most fascinating interviewees, most of whom are recognized in the public eye.

Now days I offer my services both on NOTIKTV platform and on other partners' platforms as well.