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TV Host & Presenter | Press Release


Photo By: Gil Taranos

Liran Notik, TV Host, Presenter & Content Creator. UK Correspondent for 'The Morning Show', 'The Daily News', Channel13 (Tel-Aviv).

Liran has gained his professional background as a pop artist and an actor, and found himself directly in the heart of the hosting scene, covering red carpets, Lifestyle magazines, music concerts, movie premiers and more.


Landing into the lead role in 'High School Musical' ​was Liran’s first breakthrough into the public eye and showbiz, when he was selected after numerous auditions from over 3,500 nominees. Notik’s starring role in this smash hit, which aired on ‘HOT’ TV Network, also gave him the opportunity to perform in the biggest concert halls across Israel, where he gathered a large fan base.


Liran was born into an artistic family. His parents manage a music and arts school in the city that he grew up in. He has two sisters, the youngest, Meital, is an actress in the Cameri and Habima Theaters, and the eldest, Keren, is a dancer and choreographer by profession.


During his active-duty military service, Liran served as a computer systems technician, but stayed active with his love for music and formed a band in a unit, with whom he performed at a variety of military ceremonies and events. At the same time, he was accepted into the representative band of Tel Aviv-Yafo, directed by the well-known Danny Robes, and for two years he participated and performed with Robes' band all over the country.

Over the years, Notik has appeared in guest roles on the Israeli national kids’ channel, together with Roni Duani and Tal Mosseri, in the successful series "The Voice Remains in the Family''. Liran Notik also competed with his original song ALIVE in the "Pre-Eurovision 2013" competition, which was broadcast live on the National ‘Channel1’, modelled on runways of fashion houses in Israel and even signed a modelling contract in Bangkok.

Along with his music videos and original songs that have been released through radio stations and music channels over the years, Liran currently serves as a host presenter in several lifestyle magazines and even produces his own show, an online series called: "My Pride Story”.


'My Pride Story’ is a show whose main goal is educating the public and increasing acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community via personal stories. The show has been quite successful in raising awareness and support, both online and off, in order to help at-risk teenagers, parents of proud children, children of proud parents, those living with HIV, Transgender people, and many more.


Photo By: Gil Taranos

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