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Nex Benedict, a 16 years old Non-Binary student, Died after being beaten in the school restroom

Nex Benedict, a 16 years old Non-Binary student at a public high school in Owasso, Oklahoma, died on 8 of February, after being beaten in the school restroom a day before. School officials reported that the adult who broke up the fight, failed to engage the school nurse, didn’t send Nex to the hospital, and failed to  inform the authorities. Police reported that Nex’s grandmother took them to the hospital that night, and reported the incident to police. Nex was released from the hospital and rushed back the following day, when they were pronounced dead.

The teen died on Feb. 8, a day after the altercation. On a 911 call made that day around 1 p.m. local time, Sue Benedict can be heard asking for an ambulance because the teen's hands were "posturing." Their breathing was shallow and their eyes were "kind of rolling back," she said.

Nex was born in El Paso, Texas, was out to friends and at school as nonbinary. Despite Nex’s death, most local media outlets did not report on Nex’s death until a report on Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents highlighted it on 16th of February, followed by national media. Local and state media that did cover the story, misgendered or deadnamed Nex, using inaccurate pronouns and their discarded birth name without a permission.

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